Dog Breed Spotlight: Shiba Inu

This pup is almost too handsome for words. Having deep-set, almond-shaped eyes gives them a look of deep thoughtfulness and an alluring attractiveness. Their fluffy, high-set, curled tail and quiet demeanor announce a friendliness that is honest and welcoming. Their ears, naturally petite, pointed, and erect, sit atop a symmetrical head that is proportional to their body. They’re typically 13.5-15.5 (female) to 14.5-16.5 (male) inches tall weighing about 17 (female) to 23 (male) pounds.

History of the Shiba Inu

This ancient dog breed dates back as far as the third century BC in Japan, but they didn’t set their paws on American soil until 1954. Because this dog is known to be alert, confident, and courageous, it is not a surprise they were bred to hunt deer, wild boar, and small game.

Temperament of the Shiba Inu

Born with natural hunting skills and instincts, the plucky Shiba Inu should be kept on-leash at all times. Pet parents should be attentively cautious with their pups when around small animals, young children, and even caged animals. They are spirited, quick, agile and will use their high-prey impulses to go after almost anything that moves.

The ideal owner of this energetic dog is going to be firm, confident, and utterly consistent, with positive reinforced training. A match made in dog heaven will be with an owner that is active and loves to be outdoors with their Shiba. For this pup needs daily runs, long walks, and vigorous play to keep him healthy and happily worn out.

Train your Shiba Inu early and consistently. Get to know your Shiba Inu and train him when he is alert and in good spirits for best results. Reinforce good behavior with treats and verbal positivity so that your Shiba Inu can reward you with loyalty and affection.

Health of the Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu live up to 16 colorful years. Their bodies are structured symmetrically and have little to no issues with balance, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. It is recommended to evaluate their hips, patella, and vision because of this breeds’ tendency to have some issues in these areas. Be preventative in your pup’s flea care because the Shiba Inu tend to scratch and bite at flea irritation more vigorously to the point of injury.

As Shiba Inus are clever and energetic, it is important to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated with activities and dog toys. Try our goDog® toys for a great selection of dog toys ideal for high energy dogs!

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