Our Practices


We’re proud that many of our products are still made with high-quality recycled, reclaimed, renewable, organic, and sustainable materials whenever possible.

Eco-friendly foundations

Long before “green” became a buzzword and sustainability became trendy, Worldwise was founded on the principle that environmentally responsible products should be as functional, as affordable, and as stylish as conventional ones.

That’s why our products are made with high-quality recycled, reclaimed, organic, and sustainable materials whenever possible.

Fiberfill: Recycled from plastic bottles is used in our cat toys and pet beds.
Recycled Plastics: Are used in a variety of ways in our electronic cat toys and accessories.
Recycled Cardboard: And paper are used in our durable corrugated scratchers.
Memory & Conventional Foams: Reclaimed from the manufacturing of human products are used in our premium pet beds.
Organic Catnip: Is used in many of our cat products: loose catnip, cat toys, and scratchers.
Sisal, Seagrass & Jute: Are quick-growing, naturally sustainable materials used in many of our cat scratchers.


Even the most diligent pet parents know that toys, scratches, and beds end up on the floor, easily accessible to both pets and kids.

That’s why we design our products to meet child safety standards and then test against those standards to ensure every product meets our rigorous requirements.

Not many other pets companies hold themselves to these high standards. It would be easier not to, but we insist on it because safety—for both pets and children—is our #1 priority.

What we Require

Pulling Testing: All appendages, like ears and tails, must pass a 15 pounds pull test to ensure they do not become a choking hazard.
Secure Battery Doors: Battery doors accessible to pets require a tool to open because batteries can be harmful, even fatal, is swallowed.
Protected Electronic Module: Electronic modules in sewn toys require redundant protection because the batteries and electronic components can be harmful if swallowed.

What we Don't Allow

Small Parts: All accessible components must be larger than 1 3/4″ because smaller parts can be a choking hazard.
Long Strings or Elastic Cords: All strings must be shorter than 11 3/4″ and all elastic cords must be shorter than 6″ because anything longer can be a strangulation hazard.
Magnets: Magnets can be harmful, even deadly if swallowed.
Exposed Springs: Spring coils must be covered because if exposed they can pinch the skin and pull fur.
Sharp Points: Wires, structural elements, and zip ties must be trimmed or twisted so there are no exposed sharp points.
Small Round Holes: Holes and openings must be smaller than 1/4″ or larger than 1/2″ because round openings between these sizes can trap small fingers, possibly cutting off circulation.
Large Openings: Openings in toys must either be smaller than 3 1/2″ or larger than 9″ because openings between these sizes can fit a pet’s or child’s head and they could get stuck.